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Photos of a kid cross-sitting on the floor, and a chow chow dog staring at him went viral. A little boy voluntarily watched over a dog outside a coffee shop in Taguig City on July 18, 2020, while the dog’s owner was ordering inside.

AJ Soriano, shared the cute photos on her Facebook account Mazikeen the Chow, displaying the sweet gestures from a 12-year-old kid named Rondel Mabini to the dog.

photo credit to Mazikeen the Chow | facebook

According to Maze’s human mom, she has to leave the dog outside the coffee shop because it could not bring her inside. So she decided just to tie her there when suddenly a little boy approaches him.

“Ate gusto niyo po bantayan ko siya?” asked the kid. AJ replied, “O sige, di naman sya nangangagat e.” Then the kid happily stayed outside the coffee shop at CBTL outlet in Vista Mall Taguig.

While waiting for the order, AJ was amused to see that the two were bonding outside the coffee shop. True to his word, the boy was not afraid of the dog, and he even touched and talked to her. He became an instant guard and friend to Mazey.

photo credit to Mazikeen the Chow | facebook

“While I was at the counter, I saw them through the door that he was making silly faces to make Mazey smile haha! They were too cute, right? As a way of saying thank u, I gave him a drink and look how precious his smile is. It’s priceless.” said AJ on her post.

“It’s not everyday na makakita tayo ng ganitong scenario para silang pinagtagpo…” she added.

Because the video and the photos went viral that now had reached 135 thousand reactions, and 90 shares, many netizens reached out to help the little boy by giving some donations.

I need to buy a drink @ cbtl but dogs are not allowed so Mazey should wait for me outside. Luckily this little boy was…

Posted by Mazikeen the Chow on Friday, 17 July 2020

AJ returned to the kid’s place and found out that his mother is solely supporting and raising the kid. She brought them to the grocery store and bought some essentials helpful to the family.

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