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A 15-year old boy named Xiaobin was rushed to the hospital by his parents after he has collapsed inside his room and cannot move his arms due to excessive computer gaming.

The parents thought that the teenager was busy attending to his online classes because of the COVID-19 restrictions imposed in China since the start of this year. There will be no face-to-face classes in any part of China and many parts of the world.

It is true that the teenager was in his online classes but unknown to his parents, and he spent extra hours playing on his computer. He has binge himself playing to the point that he had missed eating, drinking, and even did not sleep.

The parents did not often check on him because he said he shouldn’t be disturbed because his teachers are strict. He needed to be always online for the lessons.

The parents were even proud and happy that this boy took his lessons seriously and valued his education despite the new classes set up. They did not also think he was tricking them even after school had ended as they thought that classes had to be extended due to the virus.

However, one time, his parent checked on him, and to their surprise, the teenager found collapsed on the floor and could not move his arms due to overused in playing. They found out that the boy was nonstop playing for 22 hours and just slept for 2 hours.

The event was recently brought to light by Nanning Television after Xiaobin had been receiving treatment at the Jiangbin Hospital in Guangxi province after the incident.

It was an eye-opener to all parents to watch their children, especially now that they would be staying at home for schooling. Also, teenagers or children should be aware of the dangers of too much time spent on their computer or phone.


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