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Going home for a vacation can be the most excited and happy moments of OFWs. But, aside from enjoying the vacation, there are some important things to remember by an OFW. It is important to report or coordinate with the POEA before going back to the country you are working in.

The OEC or the Overseas Employment Certificate is an important document for Overseas Filipino Workers. As an OFW it is necessary to know the procedures and requirements you need to present to the POEA so that you will be allowed to go back to your work.

A Memorandum Circular No. 02, Series of 2019 was issued by the POEA on March 14, 2019. The Memorandum Circular is tailored to documented and returning OFW, workers who entered a new employer or transferred to another employer. Likewise, OFWs with no deployment record with POLO or POEA are also covered with this memorandum circular.

How to set an appointment using the BM Online System

OFWs mentioned above are required to set an appointment using the BM Online System to request for OEC. The applicant can choose the date and time convenient to visit any POLO or POEA office. The OEC serves as an Exit Pass. Having an OEC can exempt an OFW from travel tax or airport fees.

On the other hand, those OFWs who are returning to the same job and employer are exempted to get an OEC. In lieu of the OEC, a documented returning OFW may present the following documents to the POEA:

  • Valid work permit/visa
  • Updated passport valid for six months from the date of the scheduled departure
  • Employment contract
  • Proof of present employment to ensure that the OFW will report to the same job site and employer. An OFW may present a current certificate of employment, current payslip, and company ID.

For those documented, returning OFWs who will return to the same job site and employer:

The employment contract of domestic workers, cleaners, construction workers, performing artists, masseurs, and other workers who did not return to their employers six months after coming back to the Philippines are required for authentication or verification by the Consulate, Embassy, or POLO.

For unregistered workers with the POEA or those reporting to the same job site but different employer:

  • Passport valid for six months
  • Valid work permit and visa
  • Original copy of employment contract verified and authenticated by POLO or the Embassy
  • Proof of current employment
  • Sworn statement of how the OFW was hired

For workers with a record in POEA and returning to a new job site but the same employer

  • Passport valid for six months from the date of departure
  • Valid work permit or visa
  • Original copy of employment contract authenticated or verified by the Embassy, POLO, or Consulate
  • A letter from the employer confirming that the OFW is transferring to a new job site
  • Proof of employment showing that the OFW will return to the same job site and employer

An OFW must know the documents required by the POEA according to the status of the worker. Otherwise, failure to report to the POEA and present the necessary documents may lead to delay or cancellation of a flight. Thus, you won’t be able to return to work.

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