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Zsa Zsa and Conrad’s Elegant Modern Asian Glass House in Makati

Zsa Zsa and Conrad’s Elegant Modern Asian Glass House in Makati
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The divine diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla and her newfound love, Architect Conrad Onglao, has found love for the 3rd time in each other’s arms. Both have tied the knot to different partners in the past. They have met each other through Megastar Sharon Cuneta who happens to be a good friend of the both of them. They got engaged in 2014 and are now living together in a magnificent glasshouse in Makati. It’s a three-story house that was designed by the architect himself.



The house looks so magnificent especially at night because of the dramatic lighting that highlights the glass windows and modern shape. Looking closely at the house, there is a column which is the shaft for the elevator in the house. It makes reaching each floor easily although the couple uses the stairs most of the time.

The architect didn’t want any barrier to hide the house so there’s no gate. He had a security system installed in the house to keep them safe. Architect Onglao added that they will be adding more CCTV cameras to better ensure their safety.

glance at night

The house is beautifully landscaped with ferns, elephant ears, Buddha belly, and selloums. It also has chesa, mango, and macopa trees. The entrance alone is truly an enticing sight to look at.


The foyer is such a welcoming sight to behold. It’s airy and bright as natural lights stream through the glass walls. There’s a huge mirror on the wall facing the front door because the architect doesn’t believe in the Filipino superstition that a mirror facing the door will not be good for the house and the people living inside it.

Living Area

The living room is very airy and bright as it is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling clear glass panels. This also makes the area bigger. The L-shaped sofa, clear coffee table, and rug with a zebra print make the room very comfy. The living area alone is a sight to behold. Several kinds of plants surround the living area.

Besides the seating pieces in the living room is a grand piano. Conrad doesn’t know how to play but decided to invest in one. It adds drama and elegance to the area and whenever there are parties in the house, this can be played by a professional pianist.

Dining Kitchen Area

Just like the living area, the dining has been surrounded by floor-to-ceiling clear glass panels too. It also has an open layout to make the most of the area.

The kitchen is very elegant and filled with white from walls to the seating pieces up to the middle counter. An informal dining area was set up in the kitchen where the owners can have their daily meals.

There are two seating pieces on one corner of the area and a console table with different designs of a lampshade on another side.

The first floor has an open layout where instead of using walls to separate each area, rugs are used to define each spot on the house.



The architect had created a modern staircase which highlights a streamlined look. For the railings, clear tempered glass was used, making the staircase look elegantly extraordinary. Just underneath the staircase are two Anita Magsaysay-Ho charcoal sketches which were given to him as a Christmas gift by the late painter.

A spot on the staircase going to the second floor gives a perfect view of the receiving area, foyer, and the living area on the second floor.

Second Floor Living Area

There’s another living area on the second floor. A tufted daybed is placed here together with some round side table and a single chair. It also has some cute and simple floor lampshades.


Zsazsa and Conrad seldom spend time here so this is where the divine diva’s Pilates instructor holds private classes for her. It has several seating pieces in natural color. Decors adorn the shelves on this area and the rug makes the room perfect for the Pilates session of the singer.

Outdoors & Roof Deck

The house is surrounded by different kinds of plants and trees making it all the more homey and inviting. The sight outdoors is truly enticing. The owners or guests can spend eternity just looking at the wonderful sight designed by the architect-owner.

As with all the other parts of the property, the roof deck is also such a pleasant sight and is also filled with enchanting plants. There are several seating pieces and a classic console table which also holds some plants. The Makati skyline can be viewed in this area. It can be a perfect spot to read or just simply relax.

Master Bedroom

The ceiling’s height, according to Conrad, can occupy two floors.  The high ceiling in the master bedroom makes the couple’s sanctuary luxurious, regal and well-lit. The bed looks very comfy and three paintings hang over the headboard. Several decors can be seen on the shelves just beside the bed which adds more class and drama to the bedroom.

Different seating pieces occupy some of the huge space where the couple can work and read.

The master bathroom has been installed with his-and-hers fixtures. It is as bright and spacious as with the other parts of the house. There are two shower areas with glass enclosure. A small wooden table and chair are also inside the huge bathroom. There’s a huge mirror on the wall where the sink counter is located.


With this kind of luxurious and big house like this, might as well some of the owner puts an elevator. photos from YES! Celebrity Homes, thanks!.

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