Home Jobs Japan 60,000 Caregivers Needed in Japan with Php95,776 Monthly Salary

60,000 Caregivers Needed in Japan with Php95,776 Monthly Salary

60,000 Caregivers Needed in Japan with Php95,776 Monthly Salary
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Japan will hire thousands of Filipino caregivers according to the POEA or the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Due to the increasing number of the elderly population in Japan, it is expected that the Japanese government and other Japanese companies will hire approximately 60,000 caregivers in the coming years.

Aside from caregivers, the Japanese government will be hiring skilled workers with Visa 1 and 2. Caregiving experience is not a must and no employment and placement fee will be collected.

However, interested applicants must be a holder of National Certificate II given by TESDA. The applicant must also know the Japanese language. You can either enroll in a language class to learn the Japanese language of study on your own. There are online classes where you can study the language through modules. Nursing graduate, licensed or not is preferable, but graduates of other four-year courses can also apply.

There are Japanese companies visiting the Philippines to conduct hiring and in-training for interested applicants. The Cooperative Union Business Supply Aichi of CUBSA is a Japanese union hiring Filipinos to work in Japan. They are helping Filipinos to land a job in different industries. Recently, they held a caregiving training and free seminar for Filipinos. Presently, the CUBSA will hire 1,000 Filipino caregivers.

Japanese companies offer approximately ¥200,000 or Php95,776 salary per month. Bernard Olalia, POEA administrator reiterated that applicants must apply only to legitimate recruitment agencies accredited by POEA. Applicants may also visit the official website of POEA for the list of companies with caregiver vacancies in Japan.

A pre-recruitment briefing will be conducted by PJEPA/Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services for the 12th batch of caregiver and nurse applicants. Listed below is the schedule and location of the briefing:

June 20, 2019 – POEA, Cebu City
June 20, 2019 – POEA, Davao City
June 21, 2019 – POEA, Cebu City
June 21, 2019 – POEA, Davao City
June 22-23,2019 – POEA, Mandaluyong City

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