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How to Qualify for Philhealth Sponsored Member

How to Qualify for Philhealth Sponsored Member
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Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or known as PhilHealth is a government agency that offers a health insurance program to its members. It has been introduced many years ago, but not all Filipinos know and understand how it can help. It is very expensive getting sick and being covered by PhilHealth can cut the cost of the medical expenses. Paying for the monthly PhilHealth insurance is cheaper than buying a cellphone load.

Here are the different types of PhilHealth membership:

  • Formal economy member
  • Informal economy members
  • Sponsored members
  • Indigent members
  • Overseas Filipino members
  • Senior citizen members
  • Lifetime members

How to become a Philhealth Sponsored Member

An individual is considered as a sponsored member of PhilHealth if the monthly contribution is paid by a private entity or a government agency or by another individual. A certain sector of the community are qualified to apply as a sponsored member.

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Who are qualified to apply for sponsored membership

  • Informal economy members who do not qualify or avail the full subsidy given by the DSWD or if the monthly contribution is sponsored by the LGU.
  • Abandoned children or orphans, abused minors, street children, out-of-school youths, battered women, senior citizens, and PWD or persons with disability.
  • Barangay workers including BHW, barangay tanod, nutrition scholars, and other barangay volunteers whose monthly contributions are fully paid by the Local Government Unit.
  • Women who are giving birth but not a member of PhilHealth in which the contribution will be shouldered by the LGU or National Government or the DSWD.

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Being a sponsored member of PhilHealth has a lot of benefits particularly in terms of medical expenses and hospitalization. The government is encouraging all Filipino citizens to apply for PhilHealth membership. For those who do not have the financial capability to pay their own premium contribution, they can visit any PhilHealth office near them and inquire for the sponsored membership.

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