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Downloadable Civil Service Reviewers

Downloadable Civil Service Reviewers
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If one desires to be a part of government service, taking the civil examination is required. There are two types of civil service examinations; sub-professional (sub-pro) and professional (pro). Sub-pro passers will be accepted for clerical or first level positions in the government. On the other hand, pro passers can be accepted in both clerical positions and other positions such as executive, technical, or managerial.

Civil Service Examination is somewhat similar to the examination coverage in entrance exams in colleges. There are English and Filipino questions which can cover several subjects; English grammar, current events all over the world, Math, and Government functions & responsibilities. There are several schedules for exams every year.

Requirements in taking the Civil Service Examination

  • An application form that is filled out completely
  • Government-issued ID (original & xerox copy)
  • Colored photos (4 pcs. Passport size)
  • Additional requirements such as PSA birth certificate may be required

There is no exact guide as to what will be the examination that will be given on a certain schedule so it would be best to study thoroughly. Concentrate on English grammar and spelling, and Math. It would also be wise to check out on current events; heads of government agencies and functions may also be asked. There is a possibility of examination questions regarding environmental protection & management, concepts on human rights, and the ethical standards & code of conduct for government employees and officials.

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Many people who are interested in being a part of the government service because of the benefits. This is why there are thousands of people who apply for the civil service examination. The CSC, in its aim to help those taking the examinations, made reviewers that can be downloaded. These reviewers are available for anyone who wishes to take the exam and get a reviewer.

Free Civil Service Exam Reviewer Online 2019

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