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What is a travel clearance? Why a minor is required to secure a travel clearance? A travel clearance is required if a Filipino child who is below 18 years old will travel abroad alone or someone will accompany other than the parents.

Who should get a DSWD travel clearance?

A minor (below 18 years old) who will travel to a foreign country alone is required to request a travel clearance issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The immigration and the boarding reception will ask for the travel clearance before a minor can take the flight.

An individual should have a travel clearance under any of the circumstances listed below:

  • A minor who will travel alone to a foreign country holding only the Philippine Passport
  • In the case of inter-country adoption, a minor must secure the travel clearance if he or she will travel along with his or her adoptive parents
  • A minor who will travel along with a legal guardian or a person with legal custody or parental authority
  • An illegitimate minor who will travel with her or his biological father


Basic requirements for getting a travel clearance from DSWD

  • A minor who will travel alone for the first time:
    • Application form for the DSWD Travel Clearance
    • Assessment Report issued by the LSWDO or the Local Social Welfare and Development Office
    • Birth certificate of the minor issued by the PSA
    • Photocopy of the marriage certificate of the parents issued by the PSA or Court Decision on Legal Guardianship. If the minor is a Muslim, a photocopy of fasakh certification issued by the Shariah Court or religious leader.
    • Notarized written consent or affidavit of the parents, the legal guardian, or the solo parent, (whichever is applicable) giving permission to the minor to travel alone outside the country. In case both parents of the minor were deceased and no appointed legal guardian, the relatives of the minor can issue consent following Article 216 of the Family Code. An Assessment Report from the LSWDO along with the valid ID card with the signature of the parents or legal guardian is also required. Visa of the parents should be presented if working abroad. Consent of the maternal grandparents is required for non-marital or illegitimate minor
    • An illegitimate minor must present a PSA CENOMAR of the mother
    • Affidavit of Support or certified copy of Latest Income Tax Return, Certificate of Employment, or Bank Statement
    • Latest two passport-size colored photos (red, blue, or white background) of the child taken within 6 months before the time of application. Scanned photos are not allowed
    • A certified true copy of the death certificate issued by the PSA is required if either or both parents are deceased
    • Waiver signed by the parents releasing any liability of the DSWD in case an unexpected incident happened during the travel

For succeeding travel of the minor alone outside the country:

  • Accomplished application form for DSWD travel clearance
  • Notarized written consent of affidavit of the parents, the legal guardian, or the solo parent, along with valid ID card with signature
  • Original copy of the last issued travel clearance
  • Unaccomplished minor certificate issued by the airlines
  • Original passport-size photos (same as mentioned above)
  • Waiver of the parents

For minor traveling with a person, not his or her parents or legal guardian:

  • Completed application form
  • Photocopy of minor’s birth certificate issued by the PSA
  • Photocopy of parents’ marriage certificate, solo parent ID card issued by the LSWDO, certificate of legal guardianship, photocopy of the death certificate, or PSA CENOMAR, whichever is applicable
  • Photocopy of passport of the companion
  • Original passport-size photos

For minor’s succeeding travel with, not his or her parents or legal guardian:

  • Completed travel clearance form
  • Original copy of previously issued DSWD Travel Clearance
  • Notarized written consent of the biological parents or guardian allowing the other person to go with the minor traveling to a foreign country. Must present a copy of valid ID card with signature
  • Photocopy of passport of the companion
  • Original passport-size photos

Additional documents may be required by the DSWD under specific circumstances including the following:

1.If the minor is migrating abroad a visa petition approval is required

2.If the minor will study abroad, the minor must present a certificate of registration or enrollment from the school previously enrolled

3.If the minor will attend study tours, conference, student exchange program, competition, and other activities, additional requirements include:

  • Certification from the organization
  • Affidavit of the sports agency
  • Invitation signed by the sponsoring organization or agency abroad indicating the duration, list of participants, and itinerary of travel

In case the minor is traveling for medical purposes, a medical abstract and recommendation from the attending physician must be presented as well as a letter from the sponsor

All the documents requested by the DSWD must be submitted in the place where the minor is living. The social worker will check and review the documents for validity. An interview may be requested as the needs arise.

DSWD Travel Clearance Fee

Cost of getting DSWD travel clearance? Updated as of June 15, 2019, a one-year validity of travel clearance will costs P300 and for two-year validity of travel clearance it may cost about P600. (fees may vary) (source: 1,2)

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