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Government Employees Who Violate Official Work Hours to Face Termination

Government Employees Who Violate Official Work Hours to Face Termination
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An employee who is angry while doing an assigned task or dealing with the public who go to their agency had become a common scenario in most government offices nationwide. Aside from this, employees have also been observed to go on long breaks and even go on unofficial business.

These practices may be a reason for dismissal according to the CSC (Civil Service Commission). MC No.1 s2017 states the policies on office hours that should be observed by government employees along with the penalties for habitual tardiness, loafing during office hours, and unauthorized absences. CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala stated that the acts previously mentioned are disadvantageous to public service. Having said that, the government employees are being reminded to observe and render the official working hours and that should not be less than forty hours, Monday to Friday.

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The Civil Service Commission further pointed out that although the presidential appointees and the head of government agencies are not required to punch in the Bundy clock, they are not exempted from recording their attendance, leaves, absences, and official trips. All government employees are required to account their attendance even when they are on official business outside of the office. It is required that the government employee should report this in official forms that are provided in the HR Department of each agency. This, in turn, will be considered as their attendance.

Official Business

  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Missions

Loafing is also considered a grave offense so the employees should avoid doing so. Unauthorized absences are also considered as loafing thus resulting in the inefficiency of the employee. It can be considered as non-delivery of the service expected from a government employee. Penalty 1st Offense – six months to one year 2nd Offense – dismissal As such, the CSC Chairperson has urged all government agencies to ensure that the rules on official work hours are strictly implemented.

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“An officer or employee in the civil service shall be considered habitually absent if one incurs unauthorized absences exceeding the allowable 2.5 days monthly leave credit under the Leave Law for at least three months in a semester or at least three consecutive months,” states Section 22, Rule XIV, Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of Executive Order No. 292.

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