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Guide to LTO Registration and Renewal of Vehicles

Guide to LTO Registration and Renewal of Vehicles
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Your vehicle whether new or second hand is required to be registered at the LTO (Land Transportation Office) so that your ownership of the vehicle will be valid. The vehicle registration or renewal is a legal process that would need legal documents. These documents will prove that the vehicle is really yours. And of course, there will be corresponding fees that you have to pay.

Documents needed for LTO Registration Renewal

  • Official Receipt (OR) from the car dealer
  • Registration Certificate (CR) – original copies are needed for registration renewal
  • CPTL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance –Take note that this should at least be Php950.00

If you want to make sure that the second hand car you bought is legit, you can have the OR-CR authenticated at the Land Transportation Office Property Section located in East Avenue, Q.C.

Fees for Registration and Renewal

Registration Fee          Php1,000.00/type

Regular Plate                      450.00

Stickers & Tags                     50.00 each

Renewal Fee                       400.00/type

Note: The actual cost may vary depending on the car. The final cost will depend on the evaluator.

Schedule of LTO Registration

Whether it’s your 1st time to register or it’s for renewal, you have to be familiar with the LTO’s schedule and this is based on the plate number of your vehicle.

Plate Number’s Last Digit Monthly Schedule
 1  January
 2  February
 3  March
 4  April
 5  May
 6  June
 7  July
 8  August
 9  September
 0  October


2nd to the Last Digit of Plate Number Weekly Schedule
 1, 2, & 3 1st to 7th working day
 4, 5, & 6 8th to 14th working day
 7 & 8 15th to 21st working day
 9 & 0 22nd until last working day

Let’s say your vehicle’s plate number is ABT012, your car has to be registered on February and between the following dates; Feb. 1-7.

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Emission Test

Before the scheduled registration date, your car has to go through an emission test. Proceed to an emission center and pay the necessary testing fees then have your vehicle tested; usually lasts for 1 ½ hours. This test will also include the stencil procedure on the engine. This is also registration requirement.

Presentation of the Documents

When you’re done with the emission test, present all your documents to be able to proceed with the registration or renewal. Always follow the schedule matrix so that you won’t be late in your registration and avoid paying the Php 200.00 penalty fee. If you will register or renew in a different branch, there will be a fee of Php100.00. This is for the change of location.

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