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How to Get Non-Professional Driver’s License from the LTO

How to Get Non-Professional Driver’s License from the LTO
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If you’re aware of how things go by in the Philippines, you probably know that getting a Non-Professional Driver’s License is not an easy process to go through. You have to exert a lot of patience. You can’t just lose your cool because it’s required.

These are the procedures in getting your non professional license;

LTO Non Pro License Qualifications

  • At least 18 yrs. of age
  • Mentally and Physically Fit to operate a vehicle
  • Holder of a valid student permit
  • English or Filipino dialect literate
  • Presentable and neat during picture taking and examinations
  • For foreigners; at least one month residence in the Philippines and will be able to present proof that he/she will be staying in the country for one year at the least starting from the date of application

Non Pro License Requirements

  • Valid Student Permit that is at least a month old
  • Duly filled-out driver’s license application form (The same is downloadable through their website)
  • Medical Certificate (hard copy) which states that you’re mentally and physically fit to operate a vehicle; must be issued by a registered physician of an LTO accredited clinic. The physician/clinic must upload the same to the IT system of the LTO
  • Able to pass both the written and practical tests
  • For foreigners; original & Xerox copy of passport and visa should be presented. If born in the Philippines, just present the original and Xerox copy of birth certificate which has NSO authentication.

Please take note that should you fail the BDTT (Basic Driving theory Test) and/or PDT (Practical Driving Test) twice, you can’t apply again within a one year period. If you fail for the 3rd time, you’re prohibited to apply again for a two year period.

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LTO Non Pro Procedures

  • Go to the nearest LTO center that accepts application for Driver’s License
  • Proceed to the customer service counter
  • Secure an application form (it can also be downloaded from their website) and have it filled-out completely
  • Get a number and the checklist of requirements
  • Go to the evaluator and submit the required documents; it will be checked for authenticity and completeness
  • When your number is called, proceed to the counter where your signature and photo will be taken
  • Go to the cashier and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Proceed to the Lecture Room and listen to the lecture then take the exam afterwards
  • Proceed to the waiting area after passing the practical exam then wait for your number to be called. Pay the fees to get your OR (Official Receipt)
  • Go to the Releasing Counter and present your OR so you can now claim your license

Non Professional License Fees

Application Fee            Php100.00

Computer Fee                     67.63

License Fee                        585.00

Computer Fee                     67.63

Total                         Php820.26

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