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It’s been more than a decade since the untimely demise of former matinee idol Rico Yan but the fans of RYCB (Rico Yan-Claudine Barretto) still keep on reliving his memories. The RYCB fans were very happy when they saw Rico’s nephew who looks exactly like the late actor. The boy is the son of Rico’s sister, Geraldine. A fan shared on the Facebook group, RYCB Forever, a photo of the nephew. She said that except for Rico’s dimples, the boy looks like their idol.

The other members of the said Facebook group agreed with Nemrac Sogubac Amlap, the fan who posted the photo, and many of them were happy because it seemed like they are seeing their idol alive again.

Photo via Nemrac Sogubac Amlap | Facebook

Some got a bit lonely though because they missed the late matinee idol more upon seeing the photo. Some commented that they hope the boy will enter showbiz too. In that way, it would make them feel that their idol is back again. It’s heart-touching that after all these years, the fans of RYCB still miss Rico.

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