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LTO Plate Number Check Through LTO Online

LTO Plate Number Check Through LTO Online
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Are you one of those motorists who have paid for your vehicle’s official registration years ago but haven’t gotten the license plates yet? Most of you have probably felt frustrated with the slow release. This might be good news though because you can check their availability now through the LTO’s official website. Through LTO online website, you can check if your plates are finally available. This is aside from their online service of scheduling an appointment.

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You should choose the option for the MV license plate. You are then required to enter a fifteen digit file number of the plate. After you’re done searching, you’ll be given instructions where and when you can claim the plates. Edgar Galvante, Chief Assistant of the LTO had said that plates have been released to manufacturers and regional offices since July 2018. He further said that more than 230K plates have been manufactured since April 2018 when the plate making plant of the agency was opened. The production will be sufficient enough to cover the agency’s backlog for the period of July to December 2016.

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He had also asked the car owners to have some patience while waiting for their plates. They just have to wait and the agency will notify them once the plates become available stating that they don’t want the motorists to go to District Offices even if the plates are not available yet so as not to waste time. Unfortunately however, if you have registered your car before July 2016, you won’t be included because the plates were commissioned by the past administration to a different contractor. The said contract with the previous contractor was subjected to a disallowance from COA. There is no announcement yet from the LTO as to when you can claim your license plates if you’ve registered before July 2016.

How to Check LTO Plate Number

1. Go to LTO Online serviceslto online

2. Choose motor vehicle 7-character plate backlog inquiry. This will direct you to check the availability status of your motor vehicle license plate. lto plate number check online

3. Enter 15 digits of MV File Number (e.g. 130100000000001) lto plate number check online 1

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